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The Conflict Of The Rational Brain And The Irrational Brain- OCD!



Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) - Being Republic

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) involves high anxiety levels which results in abnormal behavior. It is amplified due to recurring thoughts that cause disruption. This further hinders your day-to-day routine. So then, you try to make new routines satisfying your compulsions. This would again, disrupt and destroy your life gradually. However by taking certain steps, you can fight the disorder and also emerge victorious.

How to overcome OCD?

Get help!

When you’re dealing with something like OCD, you need some kind of support to help you overcome it. It is almost impossible to jump over this hurdle without support. It doesn’t mean that you are not capable to get rid of your compulsions all by yourself. It’s just that, getting external support would ease the process and is more productive. You should be open to therapy. Therapy involves all tried and tested methods that do work. There are a wide range of methods; even if one doesn’t work for you, the other will surely do.

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You need to talk to your friends and family about your condition in order for them to understand your abnormal actions and thus, help you. Talking to the people who are close to you will help you get out of the discomfort and it would also make you feel less isolated.


It is very hard to accept your OCD. It definitely feels horrible to accept that you have a disorder and it’s creeping into your life, distorting it. When you accept it, only then can you talk about it to others. Accepting may be dreadful but this dread would result in you focusing more on getting better and thus, motivates you to get rid of OCD.

Do not avoid compulsive situations!

You cannot get rid of OCD by avoiding the situations in which your compulsions would re-occur. This would instead increase your fear of these situations. You should rather expose yourself to such situations and then, resist the compulsive rituals that follow. If it gets hard to resist the rituals at once, try reducing the time spent on these rituals and then gradually start resisting the rituals. You will slowly start realizing that you now have better control over OCD.

Relaxation and stress management!

The symptoms of OCD become worse when under stress of some kind. Thus, relaxation and stress management plays a major role to help you get rid of OCD. Relaxation methods like deep breathing techniques, listening to music and reading a book could help you calm down.

Remember you own your mind and body. Don’t let irrational thoughts overpower you like a puppeteer!

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Self Love : Help Yourself To Become A Better Human Being




Mental Physical Spiritual Health - Being Republic

A charismatic personality is very important to live your life in today’s world. To have an attractive and powerful personality we need to first accept and love ourselves. No matter you’re obese or anorexic, dark or albino; we should accept ourselves as we are and love our flaws, as the flaws are what makes us uniquely beautiful.

As it is a known fact; “there is no love without care”. It is a spontaneous act to care about someone you love. Hence, we should start taking good care of ourselves. We need to realize that through love there is care and through care there is love. It is a vice versa mechanism. Hence, to love ourselves we need to start caring for ourselves and vice versa. “How to take care oneself?”- is the question that arises.

Love yourself by taking care of yourself!

Following are ways to help you love yourself and become a better human….

1) Mental Health:

We need to make sure that we are in a good mental frame, that is, our mental health should be acknowledged. People are so busily engrossed in their materialistic lives that they completely ignore their mental health and that leads to anxiety disorders and stress disorders, further leading to personality disorders; shifting a person from normality to abnormality. Hence forth, the first step to self care is acknowledging your mental status.

2) Physical Health:

Taking care of our body is very necessary. As all our religions have said, “Our body is our temple”; we should follow this saying and learn to love and care for our body. Many people out there indulge in self harm. The reasons are vast; could be a heartbreak, depression, insecurities and more. We need to understand that, by hurting our body, our mind is not going to attain peace. Whatever is disturbing you is going to continue to do so unless you address it and reach out for help. We should know that, during our last ride on earth, “we would be accompanied by none but ourselves.

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3) Spiritual Health:

We should enhance ourselves spiritually. Stereo typically when we say spiritual health, most people connect to religion, but,being religious and spiritual are two different things. Spirituality is nothing but self actualization. It means to understand oneself and follow the path which turns you into a better individual. It also means to become one with the energies of nature. Spirituality is anyway superior to religion because it is an integration of the values of the religions. Progressing spiritually would help you progress mentally and physically as well. Hence, everyone should work towards growing spiritually for their betterment.

Everyone has to have a realization about how important it is to learn and practice self love and gradually heal oneself.

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I’m Wrong, Yet Right! I’m A Narcissist.





What is narcissism?

Loving yourself is one thing and thinking that you love yourself is another. Accepting yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t have to improve. There is always scope for improvement. Accept yourself, but, at the same time make sure you grow. Growth is the key to success, and you grow only when you’re humble and remain a learner. This is loving yourself.

On the other, you find people who think they are pursuing self love, without accepting their flaws. If you don’t accept your flaws, you are either demeaning yourself or are thinking too highly of oneself. Both are toxic, but, the latter is worse.

These people who think of themselves as “perfectionists” are the ones who fall into this category. They think they are the best and know everything. In reality they are the most ignorant people. They remain stagnant and forever remain average because they refuse to learn.

These are the narcissists!

How do you identify a narcissist?

Self admiration:

You know of this girl talking about how many admirers she’s got, how beautiful and attractive she is and goes on with this forever?

You would also know of a guy who takes pride in talking about how many girls he has dated, how many people follow him in admiration of his body and it’s a never ending trail.

You also find handfuls who feel they know more than anyone and they put you down and try to make you feel you’re inferior to them. This is when you know you’re dealing with a narcissist!


Do you know a person who was once your friend and you now recollect of how selfish he or she was; you felt used by them, they always expected you to dance to their music and one fine day, you wanted them to be there for you, but, in return they decided to push you away?

Well! If you’re still dealing with a person like this, you should be aware that you’re around a narcissist!


In every group you will find a self- acclaimed boss. He won’t be appointed to boss over us, but, he will do so due to his superiority instinct. Such people think they know more than anybody and you’ll find such people in constant, meaningless conflicts with the actual authority. Even when they are wrong, they don’t accept it, stay stubborn and continue to dominate.

The individuals living with this illusion of being superior are known to be narcissists.

Entitlement and attention seeking:

Some people think they are entitled to all credits. Even if they are not the ones who have worked on a particular project, they want all the credits. If you achieve something through your hard work, they will come up to you and say, “if it wasn’t for my support, you wouldn’t be able to do this”. They expect you to always give them the major credits. These kind of people always show off their achievements; the minor achievements are showcased as a major performance.

These attention seekers who believe they are subjected to every kind of entitlement are the narcissists!

Blame game:

It is very easy to blame others for the pathetic situations in life. You emerge a winner when you look into your past, within yourself and thus, check yourself so that such situations do not arise again in future.

Few people tend to blame everything and everyone around for a disturbed situation. Sometimes, even when it is very evident, people just do not accept their mistakes and go on to blame people around them.

This is nothing but, an indication of a narcissistic person.

The fact being, narcissism is mental disorder and such people need help.

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How To Eat Oats And Lose Weight Quickly




Oats are a healthy diet staple for many great reasons — they’re cheap, endlessly customizable and packed with nutrients such as healthy carbohydrates and fiber. They’re also a great option whenever you’re attempting to lose excess weight, which means you ought to incorporate them into your weight loss diet at least a few times a week. How you serve your biscuits may have a substantial impact on their weight loss benefits, though; adhere to flavorings that add nutritional value and encourage fat loss, and avoid fatty or sugary toppings that add plenty of calories.

Avoid Sugary Instant Oats

Irrespective of which texture of oats you choose — from chewy steel-cut oats to creamier instant oats — buy plain oats without added flavorings. Packaged flavored oatmeal frequently comes loaded with sugar, which adds calories without fostering the oats’ nutritional value. For instance, one package of a commercially available maple and brown sugar-flavored oatmeal has 158 calories and 13 grams of sugars, while a one-3rd cup serving of plain rolled oats — enough to make roughly a half-cup of cooked oatmeal — has just 102 calories and less than a gram of sugars.
Switching from a serving of flavored oatmeal to plain yogurt daily saves you more than 20,000 calories in the course of a year — enough to lose more than 5 pounds without making any other changes to your diet.

Avoid Fatty and Sugary Add-ins

While you may be enticed to sweeten your biscuits with “healthful” sugars such as maple syrup, honey or agave, these sweeteners all rely on as added sugar and give little nutritional value. Instead, add sweetness with a spoonful of sugar-free applesauce or banana puree. Or mix a drop of stevia — a natural, calorie-free sweetener — into your oats.
Additionally, you want to avoid fatty toppings to encourage weight reduction. Peanut butter, for example, offers some nutritional benefits, but it’s also packed with fat also has 188 calories each 2-tablespoon serving, which means you may potentially add hundreds of calories to your breakfast if you don’t watch your portion size. And making your oatmeal with whole milk could thwart your weight reduction efforts, too — one cup has 149 calories and 8 grams of fat. Make your oats with water instead to keep your calorie consumption low.

Eat Oats With Fiber-Rich Toppings


Rather than flavoring your oatmeal with sugar top your biscuits with healthy mix-ins that help you shed weight. One crucial nutrient for fat loss is fiber, in accord with research performed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Fiber helps keep you full, and that means you’re less likely to overeat, and just adding more fiber to your diet is among the easiest ways to shed pounds, according to U Mass. Boost your oats’ fiber content by adding a small number of berry — raspberry, blackberries, blueberry or garden strawberry — for only 25 to 40 calories each half-cup.

Ways to Serve Oats to Lose Weight

Ways-to-Serve-Oats-to-Lose-Weight Being-Republic

One benefit of oatmeal for fat reduction is its adaptability — you can mix and match toppings, textures and cooking techniques to get a different-tasting bowl every time, which means you’re less likely to get bored with your diet plan and quit. Consider baking a mixture of steel-cut oats, unsweetened almond milk, banana puree and cinnamon for rich-but-healthful “banana bread” oatmeal. You can bake a big batch on the weekends, then separate it into smaller portions to eat through the week. Experiment with different spices to add more flavor — a dash of cardamom perfectly replaces fresh chopped cherries, even though a touch of red pepper cayenne could work nicely in cacao-flavored oats.

To make your oats even better for fat reduction, stir in an egg white or 2 as the oats cook; then add your favorite toppings. The egg whites will not substantially affect the flavor of your oatmeal, but they’ll add beneficial protein. That is key for losing weight, in accordance with the Harvard University School of Public Health — it can make you burn more calories during digestion, and in addition, it keeps you complete after your meal, which may help you eat less.

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