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Awaking The Superhuman In You: The Kundalini



Kundalini Being Republic

Today Kundalini is considered as one of the most mysterious terms that ever existed in the yogic world. Indian children of 90’s were particularly flabbergasted by this word because of the Doordarshan serial ‘Shaktimaan’, where an imaginary yogi becomes superhuman after uplifting his Kundalini shakti.

However, in reality without having the tenuous idea about the austerity of Kundalini awakening many of us often use this term to mystify the powers and capabilities of yoga. These reckless uses of it have created extreme misconceptions and devastating results in the physical, mental, psychological as well as spiritual health of many. Hence, it is important for all to have the correctly interpreted basic idea of this sophisticated terminology.

What is Kundalini ?

Before knowing the process of tapping into this energy, one shall first have a bird eye view of the concept Kundalini itself. The Sanskrit word Kundalini literally means “the coiled one”. The word “kunda” also refers to a bowl.

So, Kundalini essentially indicates that primal energy which resides like the coils of a snake in the bowl that is located right at the base of our spine (known as the Muladhara). According to yogic science this is the most powerful energy that reverberates in all living and non living things- it is the creator and it is the destroyer. Ancient Chinese termed it as “chi” and the technique of consciously directing the chi is the process of “chi-gong”.

Today everyone knows that Shaolin martial monks use chi-gong to do things which have awe-stricken the entire world. This chi-gong can be considered as the kindergartener’s version of the classical Kundalini Yoga.

Awakening of Kundalini Shakti- The Reality

Awakening of Kundalini shakti basically means uplifting of the pranic energy from the base chakra (i.e. Muladhara) to the highest chakra (i.e. Sahasrara) via five intermediate chakras namely Swadishthana, Manipuraka, Anahatha,Vishuddhi and Ajna.

These wheels or chakras are located at certain points along the spine. It is important to note that there are no physical wheels as such in our bodies; these are the pranic energy centers which are identified as wheels or chakras. Each of these chakras or centers is having its own characteristic.

As our vital energy travels up from one chakra to the other, new dimensions of life open up – one experiences things which were once beyond imagination. In his realization everything seems to be quite natural for him but for the rest he starts brimming with supernatural capabilities. As the energy finally hits the Sahasrara, one gets dissolved in ecstasy and becomes one with the infinite. In this boundlessness nothing is a miracle for the awakened one, but for the world in oblivion he seems to turn into a superhuman or beyond.

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How To Eat Oats And Lose Weight Quickly




Oats are a healthy diet staple for many great reasons — they’re cheap, endlessly customizable and packed with nutrients such as healthy carbohydrates and fiber. They’re also a great option whenever you’re attempting to lose excess weight, which means you ought to incorporate them into your weight loss diet at least a few times a week. How you serve your biscuits may have a substantial impact on their weight loss benefits, though; adhere to flavorings that add nutritional value and encourage fat loss, and avoid fatty or sugary toppings that add plenty of calories.

Avoid Sugary Instant Oats

Irrespective of which texture of oats you choose — from chewy steel-cut oats to creamier instant oats — buy plain oats without added flavorings. Packaged flavored oatmeal frequently comes loaded with sugar, which adds calories without fostering the oats’ nutritional value. For instance, one package of a commercially available maple and brown sugar-flavored oatmeal has 158 calories and 13 grams of sugars, while a one-3rd cup serving of plain rolled oats — enough to make roughly a half-cup of cooked oatmeal — has just 102 calories and less than a gram of sugars.
Switching from a serving of flavored oatmeal to plain yogurt daily saves you more than 20,000 calories in the course of a year — enough to lose more than 5 pounds without making any other changes to your diet.

Avoid Fatty and Sugary Add-ins

While you may be enticed to sweeten your biscuits with “healthful” sugars such as maple syrup, honey or agave, these sweeteners all rely on as added sugar and give little nutritional value. Instead, add sweetness with a spoonful of sugar-free applesauce or banana puree. Or mix a drop of stevia — a natural, calorie-free sweetener — into your oats.
Additionally, you want to avoid fatty toppings to encourage weight reduction. Peanut butter, for example, offers some nutritional benefits, but it’s also packed with fat also has 188 calories each 2-tablespoon serving, which means you may potentially add hundreds of calories to your breakfast if you don’t watch your portion size. And making your oatmeal with whole milk could thwart your weight reduction efforts, too — one cup has 149 calories and 8 grams of fat. Make your oats with water instead to keep your calorie consumption low.

Eat Oats With Fiber-Rich Toppings


Rather than flavoring your oatmeal with sugar top your biscuits with healthy mix-ins that help you shed weight. One crucial nutrient for fat loss is fiber, in accord with research performed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Fiber helps keep you full, and that means you’re less likely to overeat, and just adding more fiber to your diet is among the easiest ways to shed pounds, according to U Mass. Boost your oats’ fiber content by adding a small number of berry — raspberry, blackberries, blueberry or garden strawberry — for only 25 to 40 calories each half-cup.

Ways to Serve Oats to Lose Weight

Ways-to-Serve-Oats-to-Lose-Weight Being-Republic

One benefit of oatmeal for fat reduction is its adaptability — you can mix and match toppings, textures and cooking techniques to get a different-tasting bowl every time, which means you’re less likely to get bored with your diet plan and quit. Consider baking a mixture of steel-cut oats, unsweetened almond milk, banana puree and cinnamon for rich-but-healthful “banana bread” oatmeal. You can bake a big batch on the weekends, then separate it into smaller portions to eat through the week. Experiment with different spices to add more flavor — a dash of cardamom perfectly replaces fresh chopped cherries, even though a touch of red pepper cayenne could work nicely in cacao-flavored oats.

To make your oats even better for fat reduction, stir in an egg white or 2 as the oats cook; then add your favorite toppings. The egg whites will not substantially affect the flavor of your oatmeal, but they’ll add beneficial protein. That is key for losing weight, in accordance with the Harvard University School of Public Health — it can make you burn more calories during digestion, and in addition, it keeps you complete after your meal, which may help you eat less.

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Hirsutism Or Unwanted Hair Growth In Women And The Infertility Issues





What is Hirsutism?

The growth of hair on men’s face, chest and back is normal, but if same happens to a woman, it is definitely abnormal. Almost 5% to10% of women are affected by the problem of this abnormal hair growth. Medically, this condition of unwanted hair growth on women’s face of the body is termed as Hirsutism. Hirsutism is a condition where women have an unwanted hair growth on the face, chest, and back.

Cause Of Hirsutism:

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM), this condition in women is mainly caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It is a hormonal disorder, which causes the enlargement of ovaries with an outer edge having small cysts. Normally women have fewer amounts of this hormones, but in PCOS condition, it tends to elevate abnormally causing the Hirsutism.

The PCOS can cause personal distress, anxiety, and depression if not treated in time. But the main issue with PCOS is that it can lead to infertility and metabolic health problems.

Steps Need To Be Taken:

It is advisable for women to undergo a blood test for testosterone and androgen (male hormone). Keep an eye on the weight loss as it might be a side-effect of Hirsutism. Also keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise would be beneficial for women with PCOS.

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These Simple Combo Will Give You Relief From 20 Different Diseases




These are few very simple steps you can follow to get rid off 20 different diseases. First of all, mix 500 gm of Mithi seed(Senugreek seed), 200 gm ajuwain and 100 gm of black Jeera( black cumin seed) properly and make a fine mixture.

Everynight, before sleeping, mix a spoon of this mixture in a warm glass of water and drink it. It will help you to remove the unnecessary things from your body with the urine. If you can continue the same for three months, then you can definitely see a change in your health. Follow this for atleast two months. Don’t leave it just after doing it for 15-20 days to see a better result for your future health.

Here is the list of the 20 diseases it can cure-

1. joint pain or joint diseases.
2. strengthen your bones.
3. empower your vision.
4. reduce hairfall
5. clean stomack
6. reduce piles problem
7. enhance blood flow in your body
8. no cough anymore
9. reduce heart problem
10. less tiredness
11. enhence memory power
12. Remove ear disease
13. reduce fat
14. purify blood
15. Smoother skin
16. No skin rashes
17. No more untimely mahekia for ladies
18. srtonger teeth
19. Less cholesterol
20. Diabetes will be under control

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