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Winter Care: Defeat Winter With These Daily Care Products



Winter has arrived. For few people, this season is the most awaited one may be and yaa its really nice especially after a long summer. We get to wear nice warm outfits, we can enjoy the morning sunshine and most amazingly we can enjoy the fire with friends and families. But there are a few annoying and unwanted things that also comes with Winter. Among those, the most problematic one is Skin Dryness. Yes, it’s the most common problem that almost everyone faces during winter. So we must have to take good care to avoid dry skin. Here is a list of few winter care products which I myself found really useful and cost friendly.

Let’s have a look:

Number 1: Body Lotion


Nivea smooth milk and shea butter body lotion: Nivea a well-known beauty brand which comes with a very good range of body lotions, face cream, and lip balms. Their milk body lotion is really a smooth and creamy with a pleasant sweet smell.

It is milky white in color with a perfect consistency of thickness, which is not too sticky and not too watery or light also. It keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day proving the adequate amount of hydration.

Above all, as it contains shea butter as its ingredients that enhance the more moisturizing quality of this product. This product comes at an affordable price and it is easily available in the market.

Number 2: Face Cream

best-face-lotion being republic

Two face cream which is really good to use during winter. First one is a simple lightweight cream and the second one is for those who prefer to use a face cream with a bit of SPF in it.

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream: This moisturizing cream is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E which is a very good composition of the skin. it comes in a white creamy texture not too much greasy and with a light refreshing fragrance. It might look oily just after applying on the face but a few minutes later it absorbs into the skin properly and gives a soft glowing look. And again it comes at a really affordable price.

Pond’s Flawless White Day Cream: This cream basically is a whitening cream but with a moisturizing effect as well as with SPF 15 which makes it a perfect day cream during the winter day out. It has the ingredients like Vitamin E, Allantoin, and Optics which use nicotinamide which basically is used for skin lightening. Overall this cream with its whitening combination, SPF, as well as moisturizing effect, give multiple benefits as we do not have to use the separate cream for whitening or sunscreen or moisturizer.

Number 3: Lip Balm

Lip care is a must do a thing during the winter as lip has the softest skin which easily gets dry and flaky during this season. There are a number of good lip balm or other lip care products available in the market but I am listing here only three which I found is really good to use during winter.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm: this lip balm comes in a small circular tub or pot packaging with a screw cap as its lid. It has a very light tinted color which does not give colored lips but it is really good hydrating the lips. Moreover, its fruity smell is really amazing.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm: a lip balm for those who want both hydrations as well as color on their lip balms. This is a really good lip balm which stays long on the lip and keeps the lips moisturized for almost 10 to 12 hrs. it comes in a total of 10 shades which comprises of both sheer and bold shades. It is a little bit expensive compared with the other two lip balms I listed but its really worth the price.

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color Balm: well Maybelline has a variety of lip balms and it’s the most popular lip balm since last 2 years. Its because it hydrates the lips pretty well, it gives a visible color to the lips, it has SPF 15 and mostly it comes at a really affordable price. It comes in a total of 5 different shades and all are good.

Number 4: Foot Cream 

Never neglect your foot its winter or summer. A cracked heel foot looks really odd. And especially during the winter, our feet need the most care. Most people use their normal body lotion as a foot cream but it is really not helpful during winter and we must use good cream which is specially made for foot care. This foot care product is really an amazing one from my personal experience.

Oriflame Feetup Comfort: this is an overnight moisturizing foot cream by Oriflame. It is enriched with natural extracts of Avocado and Aloe Vera. It can soften even the toughest skinned feet. It gives a very soft and smooth feeling to the feet and helps soothe the tired feet during the night.

So, guys, these are some of the essential products that we must have with us to fight the dryness during the winter. As today’s market is full of different varieties of products which obviously have good as well as bad effects on our skin. This list is just a few daily usable and daily essential products which I came across and found really helpful and with no side effects.

But of course, there is no product on earth that can help you out if u are not taking good care of your inner health. And to do that the first and most important thing is Loving Water i.e. though u don’t feel thirsty much during winter please don’t forget to drink a lot of water which is the main key to a healthy glowing skin.

By: Palakshi Das

(NOTE: This article has no intention to promote any of these beauty products or brands. This is author’s personal experience)

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How To Remove Holi Colors?- 30 Best Ways For You



Photo credits : Pixabay

Holi: the Festival of Colors:

Holi is the festival of colors played with a great spirit of love and enthusiasm. Holi without color is meaningless. We know the ramifications of these colors very well and also know that they’re made from potassium bicarbonate. But we play with these colours. Rather than utilising this, we can use flowers colours to make gulal. We may use colours made from gulab ke phool.

Holi colours can be harmful on hair and skin sometimes. Due to these colours,  rashes, spots on skin might happen or hair might get dry.

30 Ways to Remove Holi colours:

1. The best way to remove Holi colors would be to wash your face with Cetaphil cleanser followed by applying an antiseptic cream.

2. Olive oil or Castor oil may be applied to your face, hair and entire body before playing Holi.

3. Use a cleanser that has Aloe vera and lemon in it, because it can assist in eliminating colours easily.

4. Coconut or mustard oil is also helpful. Apply it in your skin with cotton and rinse off slowly.

5. Apply foundation before playing Holi. This may shield your skin. In addition, apply Vaseline to your lips.

6. Cleansing milk may also be utilized to remove colours.

7. Take 2 spoon of besan with pinch of haldi (turmeric powder) and 1 tsp mustard oil. Make a paste of it and then apply to the entire body. Rinse wash it off with water.

8. Use cold water to remove the colours.

9. Never wash off gulal with water . By washing it with water it spreads and sticks more to the body. Try to remove it by dry hand and then wash it off with water.

10. Don’t wash your skin with any rough things. This may damage your skin.

11. If you are feeling itchy then mix water with glycerol and applies it to your face. Wash it off with warm water.

12. To lighten the color, rub lemon wedges and following that apply oil mixture and wheat flour.

13. If anyone doesn’t like applying oil, then instead, lotion may also be used. Following this, you may apply as much color you want, because, no strong color will be capable to remain on the skin.

14. Apply nail polish to your nails so the nails don’t get coloured. Later remove it.

15. To guard your skin from the adverse effect of colours, you may apply sunscreen lotion on your body. This may decrease the compound effect of colour.

16. Apply Vaseline if you do not feel comfy with oil before playing with the colors.

17. If while playing holi, some shade get into your eyes and rinse it with clean water. On the day of Holi washing your own eyes, again and again with water is advisable. However, do remember not to rub your eyes, this might cause irritation in the eyes.

18. Apply moisturizer instantly after taking shower.

19. On Holi, if a colour is applied by rubbing, then use the face wash instead of the soap to remove it. However, do remember to remove the color slowly from the skin. Rubbing excessively may damage your skin.

20.  Soaked Amchur powder aids in getting rid of the colour.

21. After playing Holi whenever you opt for bathing, then mix Multani Miti about a hour ago and apply to your body. The Mud pack is useful removing colour from the body.

22. Take curd and lemon juice mix and apply it to your hair and rinse the scalp. Wash it off with a herbal shampoo.

23. Don’t wash your face again and again. It might make your face dry.

24. Add 1 tsp white vinegar and wash your hair with it. The following day take 2tsp fenugreek seeds, 3 cup water, amla powder and shikakai powder and boil it. Wash your hair with this mixture and apply the henna pack.

25. Mix gram flour and milk lotion in water and apply the paste to face, legs and hand. Allow it  to dry. Then remove it by rubbing hands. This way, the colour on the skin can be removed.

26. Take 1 egg and squeeze half lemon into it. Apply this on the scalp and wash it off.
27. If you apply lotion, Vaseline, olive oil or coconut oil on half a hour before playing Holi; then the colour can’t stick to skin easily.

29. Wash your face with cold water quickly because some colors become permanent after drying up.

30. Do not plan facial or a bleach for at-least a week.

These are few tips that you can easily do to remove colours from your skin. If more rashes are visible, it’s better to see a skin specialist. We definitely should enjoy holi to the fullest, but it has to be eco-friendly, skin-friendly, hair-friendly. Comment below !!

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6 Homely Solutions To Get Whiter Skin In Just 10 Days




There are lots of beauty products in the market. But all those might possess harmful ingredients to our skin. Here are 6 home-made recipies to get a brighter skin in just 10 days:

1. Mix 60 gms of Gram Floor (Bason), half spoon turmeric powder, half cup raw milk & 10 drops of raw mustard oil properly and apply the mixture to your face and other black areas. After 20 mins, wash gently with clean water.

2. Everytime you bath, squize two lemon in water. You will get whitter easily.

3. Soak dry tamarind in 300 ml water and apply the well mixed tamarind water on your skin and wash it after 15 mins. This will bring a change to your skin colour.

4. Mix half a lemon with half cup milk and apply on your face. Dip a thin cloth in warm water and wash it after 25 mins.

5. Apply cucumber extract on your face and neck to remove the oiliness of your skin.

6. If you apply milk with a piece of ice dipping into it, this might give you a brighter skin.

So, these are some of the solutions you can try at home. It won’t consume much of your time. But, if you have skin problems, we recommend you to consult a skin specialist first and then go for these home remedies. All these solutions are not 100% sure and might give different results depending on the skin of the individuals.

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