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10 Tips To Help You Survive In Long Distance Relationship



Long-distance relationships can be tough and risky, but they’re certainly not impossible.

Long distance relationships are no joke. Long distance is a very crucial barrier to sustaining a loving relationship with someone. But fortunately for us modern loves, technology has managed to bridge the gap substantially for people to maintain lines of communication despite the distance. We live in an age where it’s now possible for us to instantly engage in a discussion with someone on the other side of the world with just a few clicks. The age of smartphones and computers have really made it easy for us to make contact with people.

Despite the amazing advancements in technology, long distance relationships are still tough. There’s just something about not being able to be physically near the person you’re love that somehow makes things feel somewhat incomplete and insufficient. No matter how many video calls you do or chatting or text messaging in the world will be enough to make up for the power of an actual physical touch.

But not to say that long distance relationships are impossible. They’re difficult, but couples can still make the most out of them.

Here are a few tips to survive your long distance relationship.

1. The first tip is fairly obvious: make use of all the technologies at your disposal to be in contact with one another.

Skype, WhatsApp call, Facebook messenger. There are so many platforms and so many tools that you can use to constantly update each other on your individual lives apart. Distance is no longer an excuse for you to not talk to one another.

2. Establish a certain ritual that both of you could share with one another.

This routine could be something as simple as texting one another right away when you wake up in the morning or just before you’re about to fall asleep.

3. Constantly keep each other updated what you are doing and remind one another about your future plans and that the current distance is only a temporary setback.

Long distance relationships are tough and they are emotionally exhausting a lot of the time. But you shouldn’t let that phase you. Constantly remind one another that whatever hardships your relationship is going through at the moment is only temporary. Remind each other that your future is going to be bright and you only need to make the most out of the present.

4. Share your feelings and your thoughts on everyday life and try to make each other smile.

Build emotional connections with each other by baring your souls. Be as communicative as possible to compensate for the physical distance that has been set between you. Really allow yourselves to be vulnerable to your partner when expressing yourself.

5. Aside from expressing yourself to your partner, make sure you always paying attention and listening to your partner intently.

Also make it a point to really pay attention to what your partner is trying to tell you. Pay attention to your partner’s needs and really hear one another out. Communication is always a two-way street and you can’t afford to be selfish.

6. Make sure your partner knows if you are going to be busy for which you won’t be able to constant communication with them.

You’re not always going to have the time to be in constant communication with your partner. You still have your individual life to worry about. Whenever you become a little busy, tell your partner and make sure they understand that you need some time for yourself.

7. Support each other in his/her bad times.

Life is uncertain and problems or difficult situation may arise any time, so you need to give moral, emotional support to keep your bonding strong.

8. Use your technology to be sexually intimate with one another.

If the both of you are sexually active in your relationship, you shouldn’t let distance get in the way of the both of you being intimate with one another. You can still have active sex lives by making use of technology. Don’t be afraid to send your significant other the occasional naught text message every once in a while.

9. Exchange gifts or tokens just to manifest your thoughtfulness for your partner.

Make use of airmail. For example, send your partner a book that reminded you of them. It’s a simple gesture that carries a lot of emotional weight.

10. Be creative.

You don’t have to limit yourselves to these tips. You have your own unique individual personalities and you know one another best. Find the things that you find works for your relationship and experiment a little bit. Build on your bond for one another.

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If Love Leads To Addiction, Heartbreak Leads To Refurbishment!




How to overcome break up- Being Republic

If they don’t want you, they don’t deserve you. It is any day better that it ended this way, it could have been worse! The pain of losing them, the embarrassment of being rejected and the self-doubts that stem up, intrigues you to know more about yourself and thus, turn into a better version of you. It is all a learning experience! It makes you grow; you become mature. The situation is not as bad as it feels. It is just an overwhelming feeling that has to evacuate. You yourself play a major role in helping yourself out of heartbreak. After all, why would you give so much priority to someone, when all you are is their option? In fact, sometimes not even an option!

How to cope with heartbreak?

Accept your feelings:

You must be hurt and sad. It is obvious to feel this way. Accept it! Don’t pretend to be “okay”. By doing this, you’re lying to yourself and this won’t let you get over these feelings ever! You will only feel bad to worse. It is okay to feel somber. It is okay to feel the chaos within you. In order to get rid of these feelings, we need to first acknowledge them. Do not try to numb your emotions. Your emotions make you human. Always remember that, when you let go of someone, you become capable to choose better! Give yourself time to heal.

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Crying is a healthy way to express your emotion. Cry and let all your pain out! Cry when you’re alone or around a friend, with whom you’d feel comfortable and who would not judge you; instead support you. It’ll surely make you feel better! Do not cry in public, where you would be judged and people would make you their gossip topic. This would make you feel even worse. Remember you’re strong, and you can handle your emotions!

Block everywhere:

If you still stay in touch with them, seeing them happy without you would hurt you more. You may get to know that they’re into some problem and that would make you help them; which would obviously lead to another heartbreak and more hurt this time. It may seem harsh, but, this is a very important step to take in order to heal. Block them from your social media and also block their phone number. Take measures to avoid running into them and inviting hurt again!

Find relief in music:

Listen to music that you can connect to at this point of time. Make sure you’re having your lone time, in which you can listen to this kind of music and cry. This would make you feel understood and thus, helps you let out your pain! Music heals you. It never lets you down. After this, you would surely feel light at heart, as if a heavy burden is taken off your chest.

Keep yourself occupied:

Keep yourself busy with something that you’re passionate about! Also, give yourself permission to indulge in activities just to enjoy. Try learning something new! Do things that you wouldn’t be able to do in a relationship. Travel and explore! Embrace the imperfect yet perfect person you are. All of this would help you move on for sure!
Spend quality time with your buddies.

Gradually reduce your lone time and increase the time you spend with your friends. The time when you go to bed is when you tend to over think. In order to help you through this, call your friends over for a night. In fact, go for night outs and have regular sleepovers so that, your mind gains some positivity, prohibiting you from over thinking. Friends really can make a great difference during heartbreak. Go ahead, reach out to them and hug away your pain!


To hate is easy. Loving is hard; it takes courage to learn to love again after being hurt, but, you are a conqueror once you master this art!

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‘How To Propose Your Girl ?’ – 5 Tips




What is love?

Loving is to always be there for your partner through beautiful as well as the tough times. When you love somebody, you accept them as they are, with all their flaws. You fall for the person they are! When two people are in love, they feel comfortable and secure with each other. Love comes upon you like freedom and helps you grow out of your cocoon, into a beautiful butterfly.

How to propose a girl?

Make sure you are love:

The first and the most important thing is to make sure if you’re really in love with her. In such situations, the questions to ask yourself would be-

Am I just attracted to her outward beauty or other materialistic aspects?

If yes, then stop trying! If no, then work on creating a bond with her.

Am I willing to accept her as she is?

If yes, ask her out! If no, don’t waste your time and hers.

Be yourself:

When you start liking a girl a lot and you fall for her, in order to impress her, you try to behave in a way to grab her attention. Most of the guys think it works, but, it really doesn’t! Girls would rather appreciate if you be yourself. If you’re scared that you might lose out on her, by being yourself and if that is true then she isn’t the right one for you. Move on! On the other hand, if she accepts you for the person you are, then take it forward.

Take her out on a romantic date:

“I am planning to take her on an authentic lunch date or on a romantic candle light dinner”. Do you think it works? It will only make her feel special, but, she won’t fall in love with you. Rather, if you find out what is her favorite place and then surprise her by taking her out on a date to that particular place, it would have a greater impact.

Don’t wait for a special day:

Guys usually think that they should wait for a special day and then propose to a girl. If you keep waiting for that special day, you will see her run into someone else’s arms. A girl usually falls for a confident man. The emphasis is on confidence and not overconfidence. Go up to her and confidently tell her how you feel about her and thus, turn that normal day as a special day for both of you.

Be consistent:

Girls may not express it, but, they like to check a guy for his consistency. No matter she says no at first, you still have a chance. You have to be persuasive, that will surely melt her and make her fall for you. However, there is a difference between being persuasive and being clingy. Do not ever be clingy; by being clingy you are pushing her away- she is going to get rid of you soon. Hence forth, make sure you’re persuasive and not clingy.

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‘Why Women Need To Cuddle More & More’- Know What Science Says




benefits of cuddling being republic

Who doesn’t love cuddling? Cuddling shows your love and affection towards your partner. Holding your loved ones in your arms is one of the best feelings. But, its not just about love and affection, if you ask a couple! it’s about passion and getting intimate with each other and get the best feeling of love making.

No doubt, huggling and cuddling makes our relationship more healthy. But, apart from this, do you know how cuddling affects our health. All the activities we do to cuddle with each other actually helps us to boost our mood instantly and therefore helps us to live a better life.

Here’s why, women need to do more and more cuddling with their significant other half-

1. Enhance our immunity:

Our immune system gets temporarily fired up due to the touching and cuddling that ultimately helps us to enhance our physical health.

2. Our brain releases oxytocin:

Oxytocin is a chemical, a bonding hormone, that is relased by our body while cuddling. This bonding hormone makes us feel connected with each other.

3. Essential for mother-son relationship:

This oxytocin has another effect on young mothers as well. A young mother can easily bond with the newborn via cuddling. It helps with breastfeeding and getting sound sleep.

4. You become more interactive:

Oxyticin helps us top feel a positive vibe and with a positive attitude, we can get better connection with people. Cudding your partner might help you to become socially more responsible and optimistic about life.

5. A silent way to communicate:

Sometimes, verbal communication might be out of context- guys will understand this. But A hug can make your worries and problems disapear. All negativity is gone in an instant. So guys remember to give her a tight hug when she is upset.

6. Just cuddle and live a better love life:

Dopamine, which controls our reward and pleasure centers of our brain, is released while cuddling. We all know simple cuddles can bring wonders in our private lives.

So, after reading this, don’t feel shy and ask your loved one to cuddle you more and you do the same.

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