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Jio Phone Review : Money Worth Spending



Jio Phone Review

Launched earlier this year, Jio Phone has been the most awaited digital product of this year. The main reason behind the craze was the price of jio phones. The phone is effectively free. The pre-booking started in August and the first batch of these phones are released few days back.

Here are few features of the Jio phone:

1. The Mobile is manufactured by LYF and it has small screen with numeric keypad. The body is made of good quality plastic and the curved edges makes it easy to carry aound.

2. The phone is equiped with 2.4 inches QVGA TFT display with 240×320 pixels resolution. The vertical viewing angles are bad and colours look washed out. But, you can’t expect much at that price.

3. Jio phone comes with a 2 MP front camera (1600×1200 pixels) and VGA front camera (640×480 pixels). Pictures reveales that there is fair amount of noise in it, but close ups are better. Photos taken from both camera included below (might differ under different lighting conditions). The video resolution is 720×480 pixels. Video quality is not so good, but usable.

4. It is powered by dual core processor having 512 MB RAM and runs on KaiOS, a fork of Firefox OS. Even though it has 4GB internal memory, only 1 GB available for the customers. You don’t have to worry about the storage as the jio phone is equipped with microSD slot expandable upto 128GB. It supports USB file transfer.

5. In terms of connectivity, these phones have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There is 4G and VoLTE support in these phones which makes it unique. However, there is no hotspot features in jio phone.

6. Jio phones have 2000 mAH battery. But it will be drained quite easily if you use all the features like 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. But if only used for calling and listening music, it will give you atleast 24 hours of battery backup.

Our Rating:

Design- 7/10; Display- 6/10; Performance- 7.5/10, Battery- 9/10, Camera- 7/10; Value for Money- 10/10

In our point of view, Jio phones are worth to buy. If you are talkative and spend a lot of time talking to your loved ones over phone, Jio phones are the one you should definitely go for.

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